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Win A Full Scholarship For Your Favorite Little Person At Learning Dynamics Pre-School

Why Think About Pre-School?

After having toured through Learning Dynamics Preschool, I have only one real complaint.  There isn’t one in Salt Lake City.  Zoe may be one, but I’m already looking at pre-schools for the very best start, just the way I did for Zachie and MacLean.  Here’s 3 reasons Learning Dynamics stands out:

  • Children graduate from pre-school already knowing how to read.  Seriously.  Nearly every child who leaves Learning Dynamics knows how to read–and well–as well as some math and science.  Learning Dynamics uses different modalities to make sure every child understands the concept: because children learn differently. For instance in my little tribe, MacLean has to touch and move something to understand it.  Zachie is a highly visual learner.  Your little person may learn better through manipulatives.  Everyone gets it.
  • These graduates are confident.  When I toured the school, little people came up to me in each classroom, offering to help my “find my spot” or sharing a book to read.  Those chubby hands shooting up in the air to answer a question was thebest feeling you can give a parent.
  • Learning Dynamics teaches responsibility.  After reading with one little man, we stood up.  He pulled on my sleeve and when I bent down, he kindly whispered “You need to push your chair in and put the book away.”

How can you not love this place?  There’s four locations along the Wasatch Front: Highland, Saratoga Springs, Riverton and Orem.  They’re currently enrolling students for next Fall, and fair warning: two of the schools are already near full enrollment.  Click here to learn more, then tour a school.   By the way, I created a video tour of Learning Dynamics to give you a sneak peek.  Click here to watch.  You’re going to love them!


Winning A Scholarship To Learning Dynamics:

I’m thrilled to announce that the lovely people at Learning Dynamics (Editor’s note: it’s possible they agreed to shut up my whining, but it worked!) are offering a full-ride scholarship to one of the Learning Dynamics Pre-Schools for the 2012-2013 school year.   If you know a deserving little person, click here to enter a short essay about their general awesomeness.  The essay must be sent in by Friday, May 11 2012.  I can’t offer you a more valuable prize than the gift of a child striding confidently into Kindergarten already knowing how to read.  Good luck!



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