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Sibling Rivalry

So my older two girls have been at each other quite a bit lately. The picture above is a couple of years old, but there is a lot of unintentional symbology going on (the older two at each other while the youngest sits by and watches). I got home from work on Monday and my youngest one (the reporter) said “Did you hear what happened this morning”. Basically it was a knock down drag out that included scratching, kicking and a bloody nose. I remember my younger sister and I fighting quite a bit. No, make that arguing. The fighting is a whole different story. Summer is coming. They are going to be around each other a lot more. Hmmmm…. what to do?

The first thing that came to mind was an idea a neighbor told me about when a child they knew had been in rehab. The child was teamed up with a buddy. The two were tied together and went EVERYWHERE and did EVERYTHING together. For weeks. I kind of liked this idea, but would settle for a day instead of weeks. The next thing that came to mind was making them do something nice for each other every day for a week. Lots of problems with this one. What if they don’t really mean it, etc. Someone else suggested they do each other’s chores, but this is really a wash. Not stretching and growth here. So I decided to ask around and I thought I would ask you guys. What do think their punishment should be?

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