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Way to Save Money with Kids in June

We are moms who try to save as much money as we can when it comes to our kids. Kids cost…. A LOT…. from diapers to clothes, toys to school. It can add up, to upwards of $15,000 a year. WOW. I have gathered some ideas to help all of us save a little money this summer. With the savings, maybe us moms can go have a few spa days.

Tip number one is Find FREE entertainment.

Kids classes and summer camps can add to a lot over the summer.  Why not do the alternative and call your local Police department and fire department, and ask for a tour and a great teaching moment to teach our kids to be safe and learn what to do when there’s an emergency. Libraries are a great place to go, look up your local library and see when they have story time that is told by a story teller. Bookstores are great. I took my boys to Barnes and Noble a while back. They each got to pick out a book, which they started to pick out, then they saw the…. Thomas the Train table. 

They played for over 30 minutes. I went and looked around for books for them. They LOVED it. (Ok, you might spend money on a book or two, that is well worth it). Also, check into local spots: Tracy Aviary, Red Butte Gardens, and other amazing museums we have in Utah.  Some days they have a “pay only a $1.00 or donation” admission. Take advantage of these days to go on an outing. It will save a lot of money over time.

If you start planning now, you’ll be set for June, July and August.

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