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15 ways to save money in June, Part 2

In the first article I gave ideas about finding FREE entertainment. This article is tip number two,  Buying in Bulk. 

Most of us have Costco and/or Sams Club cards. We buy the usual items in bulk, toilet paper and paper towels, but why not diapers and wipes. My two favorite  sites are amazon.com and diapers.com. I have used both since my first son was born and I have saved hundreds if not a few thousand dollars buying bulk off these sites. (there are more sites available)

The perks of both: they both are free to sign up, you can get their emails each day or week (your preference), they send out reminders of what you previously bought, and give you a quick link if you want to order the same items. They both have free 2 day shipping over $49 or more. Sometimes one website is higher then the other, it all depends.

One thing I do love about diapers.com is that you are able to mail in your coupons and they say it takes about a week to process. It goes into your “account” there and if and when you buy the items you’ve mailed in coupons for, the website will automatically deduct the coupon, and it will also email you telling you if you have coupons that are going to expire soon.

love love love love love!!!!

Both sites offer MORE then just baby items on their site so make your list and compare so that you get the best deal.

(I am in no way affiliated with or paid to write this about amazon or diapers.com)

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