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Ways to save money with kids, part 4

Another way to save this month (and future months) is to buy unisex clothing for your babies. If you plan to have more than one child, staying away from pretty in pink and handsome in blue colors will help out. Most T-shirts, shorts and pants can be worn by either boy or girl. Maximize on the hand-me-down potential and save some money.

My husband and I disagree on this a bit, until he heard me out. Our first child was SPOILED with clothing and blankets, and much much more that I honestly have never used. He didn’t wear half of what he was given, there were just not enough days in the week. The clothes were so cute and I loved them, but he just never wore them. So, when we got pregnant with our second child, I wished and prayed that we would have another boy so we could use the cloths that my first child never wore. That wish/prayer was answered and we did have our second child. My husband wants to buy him new clothes and I said…. “Why”? Its not like a 2 year old needs to make a fashion statement. I do make sure that when we are taking pictures that my youngest is not in something the oldest has worn. But, in having him wear the hand-me-down clothes we saved about $2000 a year on clothes. I even saved the shoes, washed them really well, if they were scroungy then yes, I did get rid of them. But that also helped us save so I could stay home with our boys.

As moms, we have to think of ways to save money with our families and hand-me-downs is a way. I did tell my husband that when our youngest hits kindergarten then YES, we will buy him his own set of cloths.


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