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Ways to Save Money with Kids, Part 5: Be Stroller smart

Have you had this Conversation… 1st person: Check out that stroller! 2nd person Nice, I wonder how much, let’s look it up. 1st person, Holy Crap, its $1000. 2nd person: Yeah, I’m not spending that much.

I have had this conversation, I can’t believe how much strollers cost these days. Seriously, the double stroller I was looking at was $995.00. That is a small house payment. When I saw that I started my search for a good stroller elsewhere. If you are looking to save money when having kids, why spend $1000 on a stroller when you could get a perfectly good stroller for about $200. They are out there, you just have to look for them. I am a person that really needs to try out the stroller to see if I’m going to use it. When my second child was born I went through 3 strollers and still haven’t found that “perfect” stroller. Oh well, the first one I had works good, it’s not a double but it works.

When looking for a stroller, go to some stores and check out the options. What you think you like might not be the one you actually pick. Once you find a stroller you like, check around to make sure you are getting the best price available. Check out ebay, amazon, strollers.com, strollerdepot.com, overstock, check out the actual manufactures webpage. That way you can find the BEST deal you can and save some money.



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