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Lagoon Discount Tickets

We are headed to Lagoon today. Prices at the gate are:

  • Regular $44.95 + tax (51 inches in height to 64 years of age)
  • Kinder $39.95 + tax (4 years of age up to 50 inches in height)
  • Senior Citizen $39.95 + tax (65 years of age and older)
  • Toddler $28.95 + tax (3 years of age and under)
For Lagoon discount tickets, I suggest:
  • Costco has Lagoon discount tickets for $37.99 each.
  • Deseret  Book has $32.99 coupons for Lagoon discount tickets.  To receive a coupon, you must purchase something out of their catalog. I went to the Deseret Book cashier and asked for the least expensive catalog item  could buy to receive four Lagoon coupons. He suggested I buy four Deseret Book Music Sampler CD’s for $1.99 each. This brought my total Lagoon day pass price to $34.99 each–the best deal of the day.  I could have also received four Lagoon coupons with the purchase of one $10 book.
  • Bounce Back passes allow a return trip to Lagoon for only $11.00 if you validate your day pass before you leave the park and return within ten days. Bounce Back deals are available until August 18th.
  • If you are planning on several trips to Lagoon, the season pass is the best deal. You can purchase one early in the season for around $85.00.  (Since we only go once a year at most, we have to hunt down the one day deals.)
  • You can find more discount options on the Special Offers Lagoon page including Military and Coca-Cola Discounts.
A few more helpful hints:
  • Our 5 year old is 46″ tall which turns out is the gateway for riding almost anything with an adult.
  • Packing in your own food is worth it.  I like Subway or a big loaf of French bread from Fresh Market cut in half with meat and cheese on it. It works for us at Lagoon.
  • If you are like me and find yourself getting dizzy on the Merry Go Round, the best motion sick medication I know is called Bonine. One little pill lasts all day and does not put you to sleep. It semi-works at Lagoon.

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