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How to feel good about maternity clothes

Every once in a while I meet pregnant woman who absolutely refuses to wear maternity clothes. I know what they’re thinking because I’ve been there before. When I was pregnant with my first, the only maternity clothes I was familiar with were the ones that my mother wore and I was definitely NOT wearing those baggy things. I think a part of me was vain and I wanted to be the mom with no stretch marks that could proudly say that I wore my regular clothes throughout my entire pregnancy because I was so skinny. Well 1,000 stretch marks later and with a second baby on the way, I was smarter, humbled, and uncomfortable to the point that I had to force myself not to wear my husbands sweats all day long. Here are a few tips on how you can enjoy your maternity wardrobe and love it.

Buy basics- Ruched side tops in solid colors. I can’t say enough about how wonderful these tops are. They show off the belly and slim down the rest of your body instead of creating the tent like silhouette we used to see years ago. This goes for cami’s as well. You can layer these items or wear them alone with cute accessories to get a different look each time. Also, a belly band should be a staple in every woman’s maternity wardrobe. Belly bands are wonderful because they allow you to wear your pre-pregnancy bottoms longer, they lengthen tops, help you transition back into your pre-pregnancy clothes after baby comes, and you can use them for nursing. Last, make sure you find an awesome pair of jeans or even two!

Get dolled up and accessorize- Even though you feel like staying in pajamas all day, put on a little make-up and fix your hair and it’ll really lift your spirits. Don’t forget to accessorize with cute headbands, necklaces, earrings, etc…you may not be wearing them for awhile after the baby comes once they realize they can easily grab them and EAT EVERYTHING IN SIGHT!

Shop second hand- I can’t stress how wonderful second hand shopping is. If you are one of those people that think second hand shopping is beneath you, think again! The resale industry is growing rapidly although I’ve been a huge fan since I was a little girl. Imagine finding a pair of $200 jeans for $60? Or if you don’t care for designer items, imagine finding a $30 pair for $10. You get the same item, same quality for less AND you’re saving clothing from the landfill. If you find a great resale shop like Honey Bump Maternity, not only can you find great items for less but you’ve also found a place to sell your items back afterwards.

Get items that fit now- Don’t purchase clothing that have tons of room for you to grow into. That just creates the baggy look we’re trying to avoid! Instead find items that look like they have more length to them and fabrics that have stretch. The same goes for maternity/nursing bras. Too loose and you don’t have enough support, too tight and you risk getting clogged ducts which can lead to an infection.

Pregnant women today are so lucky to have such a wide variety of maternity clothes to choose from. You can find many items that look just like your non-maternity clothes and if you haven’t tried maternity jeans on yet….you’re sooooo missing out.


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