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Free Digital Subscription To “Parenting Magazine: The School Years”

Free Subscription To “Parenting Magazine: The School Years”

I can always use some extra inspiration when it comes to parenting–especially now that we have Zoe.  I had the boys figured out: they get wet, or they set things on fire.  Simple.  Girls have all this nuance.

Here’s a free magazine subscription for your parenting inspiration:

Parenting School Years

“Parenting Magazine: The School Years“  Pick up a free year’s subscription to their digital magazine by clicking here.


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  1. Gertha Festa 08/03/2012 at 12:15 am

    Its a scientific fact that cats paws are hyper-sensitive to sand, all cats do this. YAWN….

  2. Zelda Valenta 08/03/2012 at 12:20 am

    He has some serious anger problems that obviously have not been worked through. He needs to fade away and quickly.

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