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Cheap & Easy Halloween Craft Books

Free–Or Cheap–Fall & Halloween Crafts

I’m a big fan of the Craft Box Of Doom.


That’s what my twins call it – the gigantic box full of crafting materials for rainy or boring days.  I rely on the free crafting books you can download–they’re full of great ideas and usually can be made from items you have around the house.  Take a look:

Halloween Crafts: all kinds of spooky goodness–be sure to try the felt bat collage.  Click here to order.


Crochet Patterns: even if you’ve never tried to crochet before, there’s some fun, simple patterns here for throws and scarves.  Click here to order.


Cheap & Easy Crafts: really cute angel and Thanksgiving crafts in here–click here to order.


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  1. Shaunna Flener 12/11/2012 at 4:47 am

    very ture.