October Fun

October usually calls for the traditional Halloween fun, but give these ideas a try just to mix it up!

If this time of year is a free for all in your house with all the goodies… then you’ll love International Walk to School Day on October 3rd. Get up a little early, have a hardy breakfast and put your walking shoes on.

Try telling  Halloween jokes on the way to school to make the time go by.

Why are those fences around cemeteries?   Because people are dying to get out!

Why is there a fence around the Haunted House?   So the creatures don’t get out of their graves!

Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road?  He didn’t have the guts!

Knock, Knock….Who’s there?  Boo!   Boo Who?  Why are you crying?

What do ghosts serve for dessert?  Ice Scream!

How does a monster score a football touchdown?  He runs over the ghoul line!

What’s a ghost’s favorite flavor of ice cream?  Booberry!

What a monster’s favorite holiday? April Ghoul’s Day!

What did the monster eat after the dentist pulled his tooth?  The dentist!

What monster has the worst luck?  The Luck-less Monster!

What do you get when a monster steps on a house?  Mushed rooms!

Add a costume and mask basket to your Halloween décor.  My little ones love this tradition!  A basket full of masks, funky teeth, and accessories are perfect for the kids to dress up whenever they want.  Get ready for a good laugh!

I know that with all that families have going on these days that adding one more thing is hard to do.  But Make a Difference Day on October 27th is worth fitting in.  The residents at assisted living centers are always excited to have visitors, maybe a neighbor needs help in the yard, or the firefighters would not turn down cookies.  My boys teachers were pretty excited to get these pumpkins for their classrooms.

What to do with all that Halloween candy…Candy Experiments!  The second best things my kiddos love to candy are potions and science experiments.  Hopefully I can talk them into using their Halloween candy for experiments.

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