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Two Thankful Crafts for Kids


It seems like Thanksgiving is a forgotten holiday. We are so busy with the festivities of Halloween and then wake up November 1 and start listening to Christmas songs on the radio and decking the halls. What’s happened to that important holiday in the middle, the one where we pause to give thanks for all we have?

In an effort to instill gratitude in my children, each year we spend an evening counting our blessings. This year we made a Thankful Tree, with each leaf listing something we are grateful for. In the past we’ve done a Gratitude Garland, again with each leaf stating a blessing in our lives. It’s a time of joy as we stop and remember how good we really have it. Plus, it’s always funny to hear what your three year old considers blessings; ours included sunshine, swimming pools, and new boots.

What are you doing to teach your children to be grateful?

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  2. Tamara @ The Organic Times 10/20/2013 at 9:40 pm

    Would you mind if I used one of your photos as an example of a holiday craft on my blog? I will of course link to your post and reference you on the image!