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Journey To Bethlehem Layton Utah

Anyone who lives in Layton has seen the set for Mountain View Baptist Church’s “Journey To Bethlehem.” This church, located near the intersection of HWY 193 and HWY 89, goes to great lengths every year to allow you to experience some of what it might have been like during the time of Christ’s birth.

You start the journey at the home of Gaddiel, where you join his family. Notification comes from Roman soldiers (authentically garbed) that Caesar Augustus has ordered a census and tax requiring everyone to go to their home city.

Roman soldiers ordering the census.

The Carpenter's Shop

You find out that Joseph (who is also of the House of David) and Mary have gone ahead to Bethlehem. You pass through a Roman checkpoint and then meet 3 Wise Men along the way. Gaddiel’s family is cold and tired and stops to visit some shepherds and warm themselves by the fire, asking of news. Especially anything out of the ordinary. The family’s journey changes dramatically with the appearance of an angel.

An Angel appears.

The angel tells them of the birth of the long-awaited Messiah that very night in Bethlehem.

There were robbers, tax collectors, and an inn filled to capacity along the way to Bethlehem. Directed to the stable, Gaddiel and his family meet Joseph and Mary and realize that their newborn baby is Jesus, the Messiah of whom they had been told about by the angel.

Mountain View Baptist Church creates this beautiful experience free of charge the first weekend in December. If you live outside Davis County, it is well worth the trip. My girls have been going since they were little (and the Roman soldiers really scared them). This is one of their favorite holiday activities. Bundle up, as most of the journey is outside (and takes about an hour). They do an incredible job allowing you to experience just an inkling of what that journey must have been like.  I hope to see you there next year.

The Messiah is born

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