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Ballet West presents The Nutcracker Ballet

Troop 2149 had a big year this year. The younger girls all earned their silver awards. Girl Scouts has 3 awards. Bronze, Silver and Gold (equivalent to the Boy Scout’s Eagle Award). The Bronze is earned in 4th – 6th grade, the Silver in 7th – 9th grade, and the Gold is earned during high school. My girls put on a puppet show for our service unit on Bullying, Divorce, Loss and Being Made Fun Of. Each girl wrote their own scripts and they practiced until they got them down pat (I will be posting videos soon!). So what does all of this have to do with the Nutcracker Ballet?

In celebration of their Silver Awards, the girls decided they wanted to go to the Nutcracker – we went to lunch and then the matinee on Saturday, December 15th. Only 1 of the girls had been previously. The costumes, the dancing and the elegant sets were a sight to behold. The Capitol Theater offered a special discount to girl scouts for the matinee session. The girls had fun dressing up and having a girls day out. Check back soon to see our Silver Project live!

Troop 2149 at the ballet

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