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Free Resolutions Printables for New Year

Happy New Year everyone!! I hope everyone had a fun, fabulous and safe holiday. We did at our home. I still can’t believe that 2012 is over. Is it just me, or should it still be summer of 2012…. It seems like the year went by extremely fast for me.I, like many people, made those Resolutions for 2012, and some of them were achieved, some got lost and some didn’t happen. I know I wrote them down, but where…

I was checking out some of my favorite bloggers today, in between cleaning up and the piles of laundry that came the past week and I found something that I love and I am going to do, even frame, YES frame so it is out where I can see if every day and so that I can be accountable for my Resolutions or Wishes for 2013.

It is a free Resolutions printable from Loliana  It does print light-  It is for personal use, not for resale.


Here is my cute frame. Now to get it filled in by Friday.


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