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Pioneer Park — Favorite Southern Utah Winter Outing

I am in love with Pioneer Park in St. George. It is by far my favorite way to get my kids hiking, jumping and climbing in the winter months. First of all, it is a city park and that means free access. Secondly, there are 52 acres of boulders, meandering trails and mini caverns to explore. It is a different adventure every time because there are no marked trails and everyone from the 7-year-old to the teenager to the adult finds something to love about this scenic beauty.

Even in 40 degree weather it is an enjoyable day outdoors surrounded by the sun baked red boulders.  I would suggest a jacket in the winter months and close toed shoes. There is a bit of broken glass on the ground and some thorny bushes. Plus stubbing a toe as you scramble around on the rocks would be a little painful.

The views from the park are some of the best in St. George if you manage to climb to the summit of one of the higher rocks. In addition there is a small slot canyon to explore and a fun little man made cave called the boyscout cave. It includes paved parking, portapotties, picnic tables and a covered pavilion.

While this natural playground is a great place for all ages — parental supervision is necessary. There are some tall drop offs. But for those of you living in Southern Utah or passing through — this park provides a great spot to indulge an energetic child and their parents.

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