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My Best of 2012

I know–it’s time to put 2012 to bed and move forward. But I’m still accidentally writing “2012” on my checks and can’t help but be a little reflective  before I set out my path for the new year. When I look back, here are a few of my best of 2012:

1. For the first time in my life, I did not lose control of my photos.  Every single Sunday of 2012, I took a few minutes to download the past week’s photos from my phone and camera and quickly put them up on our family blog. If I didn’t have any photos, I went around the house and took a photo of what each family member was doing right then or I photographed something they had brought home from school that week.  Keeping my photos in order is one of the plagues of my life. To have a completely up to date record of 2012 is  by far the biggest accomplishment of my year.

The next step is to send them to Blog2Print and label the book 2012. And then do the whole thing again.

2.  I set our dining room table. When we built our house, lots of people (such as the builder, the architect, and my mother-in-law) tried to talk us out of having a formal dining room. We didn’t change our plans and this year made big efforts to use our dining room at least once a week.  Eating in our dining room also equaled eating off of our one of a kind plates we made together at Color Me Mine over spring break.  It was a little effort to walk to the dining room. A little more effort to pull out the plates. But I am grateful for all the meals that included both of these things in 2012.

3. I froze a lot of dinners. As long as I’m reminiscing about dinner, another big hooray of 2012 was becoming a full fledged member of my dinner freezer group. I cook for a few hours every six weeks and come home with around 16 dinners. These meals have saved the dinner hour over and over for our family.

4. I taught a new class.  B.C. (before children) I was an English teacher. I was happy doing it and just had this feeling I could teach other teachers how to teach. I never had the chance to test this theory much because I had the opportunity instead to raise daughters. But this year, a university asked me to teach a class to student teachers.  It wasn’t a position I was seeking or would have even thought would be a part of my life in the middle of motherhood–but there it is.  Even in the rush of raising our children, there can still be a little room for other dreams.


 5.  I saw Les Miserables.  This might sound horrible, but I was done with Les Mis. Aren’t there any new stories to tell? And I didn’t like the “famous actor” movie cast. I thought it would be sentimental and glossy.

But I was wrong.  Watching the movie became one of the most moving experiences of my year. Sitting in the theater, I realized there is good reason this story is still being told.  It is a story of surrendering all fear, selfishness and pride to the will of God. A story of choosing love over all else. Even though it isn’t my story, I saw myself in their human struggles to overcome what they are in favor of what God intends for them to be.  And I will never forget Hugh Jackman singing to Cosette in that carriage. I loved it.

So bring on 2013. A blank slate ahead with the hope of at least more pictures to take, dreams to chase, movies to watch and dinners to eat with people I love.

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Comments (2)

  1. Mauri 01/10/2013 at 1:47 pm

    Loved your list Carrie. I can’t believe you kept up on your photos, I am drowning in mine!

  2. Jeannette Bowen 01/11/2013 at 9:22 pm

    You’re amazing Carrie!!!