I was born and raised in the beautiful island of Guam! So now this island girl, living in Utah is a mother to two beautiful boys and has been married since 2002. I have aBachelors degree in Business Admin and have worked in the HR field for a couple years, then my ADD self took a sharp right turn after I became pregnant with my second child. I decided to open my own business so I now own Honey Bump Maternity in Layton, UT. www.honeybumpmaternity.com 801-444-0900

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Finding time for exercise

As a fellow mommy, I know how extremely difficult it can be to find time to take a shower…much less go to the gym. In my case it’s a combination of a hectic schedule and guilt. I’m busy all day running my store and I just feel really bad if I don’t go straight home after work. There’s house work, dinner, grocery shopping, and time with my family. My husband helps a ton at home and encourages me to go to the gym all the time so I feel extremely lucky but it still took about 3 years of “not finding enough time” till I finally got my butt BACK in the gym.I started to realize that I was becoming very unhappy with myself and the way I felt and looked. I was tired all the time, hardly had any energy,  my clothes were getting tighter, and I was starting to feel a little depressed. I first started out trying to find ways to sneak in a little exercise while at work and at home. This included resistance bands and an exercise ball etc…


Jax’s BF lunges

Check out my breastfeeding lunges! Talk about buring extra calories (This is a joke, I mean lunges in those boots) But exercising with baby can be awesome!

I had to find time to go to the gym because that’s where I feel the most motivated. So I did it, I  just picked the days I was going to go.  I had to stop feeling guilty for the couple of hours a week I was taking for myself, I had to make arrangments for my babies and dinner, and then I had to just let the rest go. I didn’t want to go 3 more years saying every day, “man I need to get back in the gym.” It was really hard at first but now I look forward to gym days. I have a long way to go but I feel so much happier and I have so much more energy and self-confidence. It gives me time to just focus on me because taking care of others is really hard when you don’t take care of yourself.  If you’re healthy and your doctor says you’re able to exercise, I encourage you to get regular exercise no matter what your age, single, married, kids or no kids… because you deserve it!



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  1. Amy Allen Johnson 02/08/2013 at 2:59 pm

    Thanks.. I need this reminder. I always think I’d love to be know as that “exercise fanatic,” but you know it’s bad when your kids even say, “Mom, we have PE, when do YOU exercise?”

    • Nicole Marie 02/08/2013 at 3:13 pm

      I know what you mean! I can tell you, I feel so much better. We’ve always had pretty healthy diets but we’ve really been cutting down on processed foods and fast food etc. It’s feeling a huge difference in my mood and energy 🙂