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The Tradition of Read Alouds

What makes a good parent?  Is it always being there?  Is it establishing a schedule and always sticking to it? Is it allowing yourself to be spontaneous? Is it being a friend to your child, or an authority figure, always? It is admitting to mistakes, circling round your child like a paranoid guardian angel, or letting them try and fail – testing their own wings?


Though honestly I think one of the most important traits of good parenting, one of the most important and beneficial things which I’ve done has been to establish Traditions.

{And yes it’s deserving of a capital “T”.}

I have a quite extensive list of the Traditions our family embraces, but one of the most important and longest lasting; beginning when our oldest was an infant and continuing right through today, is Reading Aloud.

{Yes again, deserving of capitals.  If I could attach bells and whistles I’d do that as well.}

We have always always Read Aloud.

Beginning with picture books (at least three a night, plus and usually including Good Night Moon), adding chapter books (but keeping those beloved JP tales), and onward; from the inevitable Harry Potter through Dickens.

We Read Aloud at bedtime, at teatime, during road trips, whilst camping.  During Nineteenth Century Night we switch off that television and Read Aloud.

There are so many great books to choose from.  I have lists and lists, and can’t possibly include them all here.

But naturally I can get you started on a few which, sadly, I believe don’t receive the press they ought to today.

Check out the books below, give them a read – and do tell me what you think!

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

One of the most beautiful coming of age novels ever.  Still two of my children’s (now teens) favorite book.

Hitty:  Her First Hundred Years

 I just finished this as a Read Aloud to my youngest child.  A nine year old boy (very into sports and ninjas and all that) who loved it.  Just goes to show ya!

The Peterkin Papers

Humor at it’s finest, and thickest!

One of our many Book Baskets





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Comments (2)

  1. Bibi@Bibi's Culinary Journey 02/09/2013 at 9:44 am

    Great article , Lisa. Traditions are very important to my family and I love your reading aloud traditional . My kids are bookworms, but we don’t do it together anymore.

  2. Alexis Grace 02/11/2013 at 4:13 pm

    Lisa, I have been reading aloud to my munchkin since I first found out I was pregnant. It is such a great tradition (excuse me, Tradition) and one I hope to keep going with. Thank you for the book suggestions!