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Affordable Eyewear — It Exists

I remember when I was shelling out the cash for diapers, wipes and formula. It was a huge portion of my little budget every month. I used to think, I can’t wait until I don’t have to pay for this stuff anymore. And then that day came and there was a lull in the ridiculous amount of money I spent on necessary items for my kids each month.

And then came the tween stage and I suddenly realized that kids are WAY more expensive the older they get. Braces, new clothes constantly (for rapidly growing bodies), lots more food (for rapidly growing bodies), gas money budget through the roof (for very busy active children), it literally never ends. Add glasses on to that budget, contacts. Yikes. Glasses and contacts can be so expensive. And guess what? Kids’ eyes are changing as rapidly as their growing bodies. My son’s near sightedness just doubled in extremity. The cheapest frames (just the frames) at the optometrists were $80. My daughter also needed her contacts refilled. I hate paying that much money for frames for a growing teenager (who also has a tendency to lose things like glasses).

So, we just tried out this awesome new site. Which I am telling every mother of teenagers about. Now we are still waiting for the glasses because it takes about 2 weeks. And let’s be honest you are probably going to get better quality frames and custom fitting at your optometrist. However, for a growing (slightly spacey) teenager, paying less is better. I can shell out $30 for a pair of glasses that includes the prescription and anti glare finish. So what if they only last a little while? I am guessing his prescription is going to change before he breaks the glasses.

So here is this awesome site that has glasses starting at $6.95. We bought a little more expensive version. You enter a photo of yourself and can even virtually try the glasses on. Then you add all your prescription information. They have hundreds of styles to choose from as well.




Virtual photo of new glasses from

Just trying to help all those desperate moms out there looking for a chance to save a buck. Because you also need to buy new tennis shoes and pay the dentist this week.


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