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How to Trap a Leprechaun

Usually, the most fun we have on St. Patty’s Day is a little green food coloring in the pancakes. But I give warning–this year  the leprechauns are coming. And they have all kinds of shenanigans up their little sleeves.

To launch our own attack, I’m doing research on how to trap a leprechaun. Maybe if we rig it just right, we’ll catch more than chocolate coins.

Spoonful  suggests this Hat Pit Trap made with an oatmeal box, a woodsy ladder and a piece of candy to lure him in. how to trap a leprechaun


Creative Family Moments has a creative idea for how to trap a leprechaun by tricking him into grabbing a “golden rock” off of a science experiment–when, BAM! he is covered by the lampshade rainbow. Whoah. A science experiment in itself.

6 Ideas to Trap a Leprechaun

An easier trap for the younger set might be this Shoe Box Trap from Kaboose. 

6 Ideas to Trap a Leprechaun


Missy from How Does She? just turned the whole business over to her son. He designed a brilliant plan for how to trap a leprechaun using a box, some dry grass, and lots of Legos.

leprechaun traps

Maybe my all time favorite from this search is the Leprechaun Trap Cake from Not Martha. 

leprechaun cake trapYes, it does look tricky, but leprechauns aren’t going to be caught by just any old trap. Not Martha gives a very detailed tutorial on how to make this trap just right, including how to master the surprise rainbow inside.

how to trap a leprechaun cake

But I’m no fool. Even if we make every single one of these traps, chances are low that we’ll actually catch a leprechaun. Remember, we are pure beginners at this game. Instead of leprechauns inside our traps, we’ll probably find taunting messages like, “Can’t Catch Me!”

We will also be plagued by leprechaun tricks all over the house. It will be horrible little things like:

  • Green toilet water.
  • Dining room chairs turned upside down.
  • Green milk in the fridge.
  • Shamrock stickers on any part of our skin NOT covered by pajamas in the night.
  • Green glitter in the snow. (Will there still be snow?)
  • And lots more ideas from Happy Home Fairy. 

I can just imagine the torture. And the fun. Can’t wait.


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