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St. Patrick’s Day Gift for Teachers

St. Patrick’s day is this coming Sunday and I wanted to do something cute and fun for all the teachers and staff at our elementary school. So I came up with this fun idea and then added some cute tags with the help of pinterest. This is a little bit crafty, and they turned out cute.

St. Patrick's Day gift for Teacher appreciation day.

St. Patrick’s Day gift for Teacher appreciation day.


1st step was to figure out how many teachers, aids and staff there were at the school. Then I headed off to the store.

St. Patricks day gift for teachers

I went to Dollar Tree and found small Terra Cotta cups, 3 for $1.00. I ended up with 2 extra which was okay, just in case one broke I was good.

St. Patrick's day gift for teachersNext we painted them with black acrylic paint and with the top still wet, we put orange glitter (I couldn’t find gold) in a pie tin and twisted the top in the glitter.

St. Patricks day gift for teachers

After the paint dried. We painted a thin layer of black chalk board paint around it so we could write a message.

St. Patricks day gift for teachers

Dollar tree didn’t have ribbon or craft sticks so I got those and the candies at Wal-mart. I picked out rolo’s and werthers originals. I picked out gold and black ribbon. Cut then about 2-3 inches long. Then with the tags hot glued them both on and stuck them in the “Pot of gold”

They turned out super cute and I’m hoping the teachers like them.

One of the tags I found at Mega Crafty

The other was at HGTV

They are both for personal use, not to be sold.

Total cost of the gift $35.00

Other fun idea’s for teachers

Dr. Seuss gift

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