Too Early to Garden? Think Again!!

I know that mother nature always messes with us this time of year. She taunts us giving us warm days in March and snow in April, but did you know you can start your garden in March?  There are a number of veggies that actually love the cold weather.  My Grandma tells stories of my Grandpa clearing away snow to get his peas planted in February. Unfortunately, I’m not that dedicated of a gardener, but we sure did get our peas planted when the snow melted. The kids and I decided it would be helpful to make a chart of what we wanted to plant, the hardiness of each vegetable ( hardy, semi-hardy, tender, very tender), the date we planted it and how long it will take to mature.  The kiddos added a little picture just for the fun of it!

Gardening plans-web

Check out these gardening books for more fun learning: GrowingVegetable Soup, Planting A Rainbow Garden, The Gardening Book, Sunflower Houses, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, The Vegetables We Eat, and Roots, Shoots, Buckets, and Boots.

I have noticed the more I get my kids  involved (especially the picky ones) the more veggies they eat and the less grief I get.  There is something so rewarding in growing your own food and they feel that!

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