Celebrate National Poetry Month

A couple months ago my 2nd grader brought home the book Pizza, Pigs, and Poetry, How to Write a Poem from our school library.

Pizza, Pigs

At first glance I thought “what a silly book, why would he pick this!”  But as we read, laughed and finished the book we soon realized how fun poetry can be to read and write.  And, much to our surprise it has a chapter of “PoemStarts to get you Started” at the end of the book.

When I was young I had a fondness for poetry, I loved to write and rhyme.

a light in the attic

I LOVED reading Shel Silverstein’s A Light in the Attic, so when I stumbled along these Shel Silverstein videos I was so excited to show my boys.

We found these titles as well for National Poetry Month.

a meal of the stars casey at the bat new kid on the block Pocket Poems when your a pirate dog

And if you want a bit more poetry fun try Building a Poem, a Haiku Scroll, or this Poetree.

image via Sturdy for Common Things

image via Sturdy for Common Things

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