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Spotlight Mentors International Mom – Nenita from the Phillipines

Nenita Asilom

As we approach Mother’s Day this year, I would like to share with you a story of a remarkable woman named Nenita Asilom. Through her love as a mother, and with the help of Mentors International, Nenita triumphed. Nenita she knew she wanted more for her children. She was eight years old when her mother died unexpectedly. She became a surrogate mother since she was the second to the oldest with five other siblings, the youngest being only three months old. Life was hard for their father who was a farmer, so Nenita gained employment as a housekeeper to add to the family’s income. Eventually Nenita moved in with her grandmother so she could learn dress-making skills. She became a seamstress and not long after married her husband, Ismael Asilom.

Ismael and Nenita moved to Caloocan City, Manila, where Ismael worked as a carpenter. Nenita stayed at home with the children, but when they started going to school she opened a small convenience store and started sewing potholders made from fabric scraps. She learned about Mentors International in late 2010 and received her first loan of $75 to purchase fabric scraps. Two years later Nenita’s business has seen considerable improvements. More importantly she has been able to send her children to high school, make improvements in their home, and provide employment opportunities to others in her community.

Nenita’s struggle for success did not come easy. But as a young girl who grew up with many hardships, she knew she didn’t want her children to suffer as she had. The  opportunity that Mentors Philippines has provided her has changed the cycle of poverty in her family as her children look forward to receiving a college education.

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