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You just might wannta, Ibotta

This article has taken me a little while because I wanted to try it out and make sure it really worked before I said ” Hey, you’ll like this.” So, I can honestly say — I’ve tried it out for a few weeks, it’s easy, convenient, and simple to use.  So  now I can say to all my friends, “Hey, you might like this app.” I was searching around iTunes about couponing and money and this app appeared. I like the FREE apps, so it’s a plus. It’s kind of like couponing without having a coupon in your hand.

The app is called Ibotta.

Ibotta App

The Ibotta App is free app to download or you can sign up with facebook, google or email.

It will download the “offers” available. You scroll through and pick the item that you’re going to purchase. It will tell you how much you’ll get paid for purchasing the item. You click on “Earn” and it will have a few things, with a short video (they’re 10 seconds), take a survey (a poll, you pick 1 our of 4 options), post it on twitter or facebook. It’s actually really simple. Once you click your item, it will tell you how much is “pending” for you once you purchase your items.

The draw back is they won’t transfer the funds until you’ve reached $5.00. It took me 2 weeks to reach the $5.00, I would say, don’t base your store list on what items are listed in the app. Make your list, gather your coupons and then check Ibotta, to see if you can get some extra money back for your purchase.

Once you’ve reached the $5.00 minimum, you can have the money transferred to your paypal account, which is free to sign up. You put in the card number of where you want the funds to go and your set.

Try it out for a while and see what you think. Hey, if you don’t like it, you can always delete it off your phone.


If you want to sign up, Click HERE

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