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No Sew Upcycled Summer Tanks!

I’m all over easy to do DIYs. If it takes less than 5 minutes, doesn’t need a sewing machine or any other supplies….it’s on my favorites list. When my son was a little baby, a friend of mine told me that as soon as he started to get too long for his onesies, to cut the bottoms off and make them into tops.


The transition from Winter to Summer usually means getting rid of or storing all of the Winter items that your kids can’t wear.

So, I began to look at other ways to extend the life of my children’s clothing and get more use out of some of the long sleeve tops that they still fit.

STEP ONE: Cut off the sleeves

STEP TWO: There is no step two! Isn’t that simple? I know, crazy easy. All I made sure to do was to cut the sleeve off after the seam so that you don’t have any unraveling. (Leave seam intact on shirt)

Turn a Winter Shirt into a Summer Tank Upcycle

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