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Moms, don’t ever give up!

My husband, Greg, had so much fun writing this post that he decided to write another!

Moms, don’t ever give up!  

By Greg Petersen

I am now 34 years old, the baby boy and middle child of seven. My mother first had four boys and then came three girls. As you can imagine she was extremely busy. I never heard her complain about being a mom but I know that her job couldn’t have been easy. She simply went to work and forgot about her own needs. As a grown man now with children of my own I don’t know how she did everything she did. How did she manage a family of 7 children while my dad was away working and serving in our church? If you asked her today how she rated as a mother she would probably tell you she deserved a failing grade. She probably would tell you she wishes she would have done more. However, I think she was pretty much perfect! This is a clarion call to all the mothers out there. Your calling is divine. You perform a work that is necessary and unmatched. While you feel unappreciated know that you are loved. There are those days and times that you may not always see your silver lining in your clouds, but God can and he is aware of you and your needs. Don’t give up! Keep pressing along! You will never know the total impact for good you do for your children. But trust me you are doing a fantastic job!

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  1. Mauna Liddiard 06/05/2013 at 4:24 pm

    Greg, are you sure you don’t have a twin? Ha ha… you are a good man! Thank you for your sensitivity.