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Workout at Work #1

So, while discussing possible blog post topics, the idea of working out while at work was brought up.  I love this idea!  But, since this post would be incredibly long, I decided to break it up into mini-posts and do it as a series.  So, this is part 1 of the Workout at Work series…more to come.

If you work in an office setting, like many of us do, you know how difficult it is to find time during your day to get in a workout. Being stuck at a desk all day does not promote healthy living.  So, the purpose of this post is to give you some tips on little things you can do throughout your day that can, over time, really increase your health and fitness level.  Take each of these tips, alternate or put them together to get yourself in the shape you dream of being in.

Choose your seating wisely…  You may or may not have heard of using a stability ball in place of your chair while sitting at your desk.  Some places of employment will even pay to replace your chair with a stability ball.  If not, ask if you can bring in one of your own.  You can purchase a stability ball at Target for $20 plus tax.   Sitting on a stability ball works more than your core.  You body is in constant motion, promoting blood flow, which is something you don’t normally get sitting behind your desk all day.   The increase in blood flow helps combat that afternoon fatigue that is such a common event.  Using a ball instead of a chair also promotes better posture.  I don’t know about you, but sitting in a chair, at a computer, I inevitably end up slouching, sitting with my legs crossed, or sitting on my feet.  These are all the no-no’s when talking about good posture.  They are also difficult, if not impossible, to do on a stability ball.  You are forced to sit up straight in order to keep the ball underneath your body where it should be.  Having good posture automatically makes you look slimmer and more fit.  Also, of course, you are going to get an amazing core workout while using your stability ball.  You body will use all your core muscles (not just your abs, but all the muscles located in your core) to keep you stable.

photo credited to Eli Sagor and Flickr

photo credited to Eli Sagor and Flickr

Another benefit of using a stability ball is that during your breaks, or at lunch, you can use it to work out other parts of your body as well.  I’ll go over some of these in one of my future posts.

Be aware…you may want to keep your office chair, at least for a little while.  Using a stability ball will prove to be a little exhausting while you’re getting used to it.  Your muscles will fatigue if you aren’t used to using these muscles.

Enjoy your workdays!  Happy Fitness!


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