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Kids’ Paper Crafts–Projects Perfect for Little Hands

Kids' Paper Crafts #todaysmama

When your kids say they’re bored (what mama has not heard that about a million times on a summer day?), don’t flip out while you stare down a pile of laundry and a sink full of dishes and wish that YOU could declare that you are bored! No! Simply break out a pile of construction or scrapbooking paper and deliver reams of fun to your kids with the six creative kids’ paper crafts presented here! From paper flowers to party lanterns, you’ll be amazed at all the things your kids can make with paper! Boredom busters at their finest!

These darling paper pinwheels not only make for an easy craft kids of all ages can handle, but they are cute enough to double as adorable decorations for almost any type of party! Get the full instructions for the pinwheels at At Creative Home.

At creative home

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Making these paper monster puppets will thrill your little dudes as well as your little gals as imaginations can go crazy with googly eyes, yarn, and pompoms! Get fun puppet inspiration at Momaha.


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Can you imagine the huge smile that would appear on the face of the recipient of a homemade bouquet of bright and colorful flowers? Grandma Bea or Aunt June would be beaming for weeks! Learn how to make a charming paper flower bouquet at Vixen Made.

Vixen Made

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Now, we’re getting serious with the paper crafts! Using toilet paper rolls to create slithery, springy snakes will banish the fiercest case of boredom out the door! Using supplies you are sure to have handy, this paper craft will be a hit! Instructions for the creepy snakes can be found at Eighteen 25.


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The simplicity of these paper lanterns makes this paper craft a piece of cake to make, but the payoff is huge in the final presentation! Learn how to make these festive paper lanterns at Design Dazzle.

Design Dazzle

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Did you ever make paper chains using your Doublemint or Juicy Fruit gum wrappers? Me too! This paper craft ups the ante by using colorful and coordinated patterned paper, resulting in true works of art! For a reminder of how to make those gum wrapper chains, go to Art Projects for Kids.

Art Projects for Kids


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To top off the day of paper crafting fun and to reward the little crafters who pitch in with the cleanup chores, make these super-delicious Best Chocolate Cupcakes! YUM!

Have your children crafted with paper this summer? Tell us in the comments!


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