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Yogurt Cup Crafts

Yogurt Cup Crafts from TodaysMama

I’m going to go out on a limb and bet that about 99.99% of American household refrigerators contain stacks upon stacks of plastic containers of yogurt at any given time. Does yours? Go look! See? Yours too, right?! Using those empty yogurt cups as the foundation for adorable kid-friendly crafts is simply a brilliant way to recycle all of that plastic, keep your little ones busy, and results in creations that are seriously awesome! I call that a win-win-win!

Let’s start this yogurt cup crafts party off on the right foot with a delicious frozen treat recipe made right in the plastic yogurt cup! The yogurt is drained, healthful granola is added, a popsicle stick is inserted, and the whole thing is given a good freeze. Voila! You have a delicious dessert on a stick! Full recipe instructions can be found at

Martha Stewart

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For those children who love to play “make believe,” this little yogurt village from lends itself to tons of possibilities for pretend play. Huts, houses, castles, zoos, cities, and more can be created quite simply by using clean yogurt cups, markers, and construction paper.


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What kids doesn’t like rhythm instruments? Every single child I know loves to shake, rattle, or roll to a beat, and these yogurt cup shakers from made with paint sticks and beans are destined to be a favorite musical instrument for all, from the youngest toddlers to those music-saavy tweens! Perhaps you could start up a yogurt cup shaker family band and become famous! Who knows?!


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Children and animals just seem to go together like potatoes and gravy! Empty plastic yogurt cups can be transformed into bunnies, frogs, penguins, or just about any other animal that your child loves by following the directions at If you’re lucky, perhaps one of these yogurt cup animal creations can become your family pet, thus saving you from hours of dog walking. Hey, one can hope.

Cafting a Green World

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Do you have an all-girl slumber party coming up? These darling bracelets from made from yogurt cup rings would be just the perfect craft for those giggling and giddy girls to tackle while they dish about the Biebs and Harry Styles. Simply provide the yogurt cup rings and an assortment of wide and narrow ribbon, and let the squealing begin!

Turning Clock Back

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And finally, for those children who are fascinated with things of nature, this idea from for planting seeds in used yogurt cups offers up the perfect-sized plot of dirt for your little gardeners! Watching the daily progress of their very own plantings is sure to give your mini-gardeners much satisfaction and increased knowledge of the agricultural process!


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Go ahead and enjoy that yummy banana cream pie yogurt or that ultra-rich black forest cake yogurt, but remember to save the containers for some great after-yogurt fun!


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