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How to Insure Your Valuables

We all have valuables. Some more valuable then others. Some are priceless to us. So how do we insure our valuables? Are they covered under home warranty?

Most homeowners insurance polices are limited or have limited coverage on certain items and or expensive items, and not all policies cover accidental loss.

First: Select the item you’d like to be insured. Then order an appraisal. Options: You can call your insurance company to see if they have a property appraiser, you can go to google and type in, for example, wedding ring appraiser with your city and state or you can go to appraisers.com

After you have the appraisal done, you want to make an appointment with your insurance agent and ask for a personal property floater. Some companies might call it different.

Remember to store all recipes, warranty info, and anything pertaining to your item you want to insure in a safe place. Either a fire proof safe at home or a safe deposit box at your financial institution.

If worse comes to worse and your item is lost, destroyed or stolen you can file a claim on it since you’ll have your paperwork and you’ve insured it.

Make sure to file your claim as soon as possible to make sure you get reimbursed for your item.

Protecting your items

When I moved this past month, I took the time to take pictures of all of our items as I boxed them up. I had never had a list of the items we had in our home. I friend of mine’s house burned down a few years back and she said after she turned her list of items in, the claims person didn’t believe her that she had THAT much tupperware. For everyone who does at home business and you have inventory, you know you can gather quite a collection. With this in my mind, I took pictures of everything as I boxed it up. Even all the scrapbook items. You don’t think you have that much until you start packing and you really do have a lot of stuff. With the pictures of the items, I put them on a disk. One is at our insurance agent’s office in our file, one is in our Safe deposit box and the other is at my parents’ house in a file with my name on it.

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**Disclaimer** I am NOT an insurance agent. I am not affiliated with any insurance company. All info is based on personal experience. Please check with your own insurance company for their rates.

Photo Credit: ME while packing.




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