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Women Empowered Conference Weber State University

Women Empowered

You Are Invited!

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

8:30 – 2:15

Weber State University, Shepherd Union Building


Join me and some other great speakers at the 2013 Women Empowered Conference


Keynote Speakers


Jo Packham

9:15 am

“Living the Dream”

Jo is living her dream!  As the author of “Where Women Create”, “Where Women Cook” and “Where Women Create Business”, Jo inspires women by teaching what it takes emotionally, physically, and financially to be in business today.  She will share her story of how she created owning her own publishing company, and partnering to produce several magazines.

Katie Holland

1:00 pm

“Building Success by Building Successful Business Relationships”

Relationships give life to every organization. They provide companies with the capital, customers, and information necessary for their survival. For hundreds of years, the creation of key business relationships has been left to chance.   Why leave things to chance?  Why not start to grow and amass a “City of Influence” that will provide unlimited opportunity now?   If every opportunity has its root in a relationship….you’d better focus on building substantive relationships today!


Breakout Speakers


Gina Heiner

10:30 am & 11:30

“Be BOLD Say No (Without Guilt)”

During this workshop you will learn the benefit, to-yourself and others, of saying what you mean and meaning what you say.  Learn how to have more time for yourself, by assessing and then communicating clear thoughts, feelings and actions.  Fun, interactive and informational… you will wonder how you ever made it through the holidays before.

Ronda Devereaux

Choice Life Strategies

10:30 am & 11:30

“Life is Not a Masquerade Ball”

It’s time to take your mask off Cinderella! Everyone is preaching about the power of being authentic and real. It seems to be the value of the moment. What does this word really mean? Webster’s defines it as not false or copied, genuine. Wikipedia says it is the degree to which one is true to one’s personality, spirit or character. Our culture teaches us that no one will like us if the see who we really are, and I hear from many women “I don’t know who I am”. Join me in a group “unmasking” and experience just how bright everyone’s authentic light really shines. You might just need to wear shades…

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