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Cardio Barre Workout Comes to Utah

A fun new workout has come to Utah thanks to these amazing sisters, Megan Cross and Shantel Reitz. I was able to ask them a few questions about this fun new workout…. Cardio Barre.


Q: How did you get involved with Cardio Barre?

A: I got involved through Cardio Barre through a dear friend who lives in Los Angeles, California. I started searching for the best workout around and ended up finding it 900 miles away.

Q: When did you take your first Barre class?

A: I took my very first barre class about a year and a half ago.

Q: What are the Cardio barre workouts like?

A: Cardio Barre is a unique, high energy/no impact exercise class that combines barre work and light weights with continual fat burning motion. Central to the workout are toning and resistance exercises for the butt, legs, torso and arms to sculpt muscles and elongate the appearance of your body.

The fat-burning, muscle-sculpting sensation isn’t any of the usual suspects – no kicking, no punching, no jumping up and down. Just exercises that lengthen and strengthen your muscles, as you’re burning fat.

When you work at the barre you have a sense of center and balance that allows you to concentrate on the muscle group you are working on. The body is worked as both a coordinated whole and in isolated muscle groups, maximizing the body’s full potential.

Exercisers should use the barre often, because it is the best tool around for developing strong technique and proper alignment. The classes are fast and intense. Be prepared to sweat!

cardio barre

Q: What does Cardio barre offer that other workouts don’t?

A: Cardio Barre workouts offer more Cardio and engages your core muscles more than any other barre studio. Our instructors must have at least 4 years of classical ballet experience to teach at our studio. What good is a ballet barre workout if your instructor has no ballet experience?

Q: Where is your studio located?

A: Our studio is located at 9125 S Village Shop Drive, Sandy, Utah 84094 in the Quarry Bend shopping center.

Q: How many classes do you offer? Days of the week and times?

A: We currently offer 20 classes a week. Two morning classes and one evening each weekday, plus weekend morning classes. The classes are fast and intense. Be prepared to sweat! To view our schedule please visit us at http://cardiobarre.com/studios/quarry-bend-ut/

Cardio Barre Quarry bend

 Q: What other things do you have at your studio? 

A: Our studio teaches solely Cardio Barre classes, though we offer nutritional and wellness seminars and have retail clothing for your barre workouts.

Q: For a beginner, where do they start? 

A: If you have never taken a barre class before, take an Intro class so you are familiar with the movements first. Then jump right in to a beginner class and work your way up! Cardio Barre is for all types. The workout tones and strengthens the body with no impact on your joints and bones. Anyone from 14 years of age and up can take the class. Even if you are 80 years of wise wisdom .

Q: What is something you would say to someone who isn’t sure about the workout?

A: What I would say to someone who isn’t sure about our workout is, we have had a few clients that have come to take our class but once they arrive or in the middle of the class they stop themselves because they feel like they can’t do it because they are overweight or are uncomfortable in the class. They are intimidated. I have told them this and am telling everyone else who may feel this way. You are your worst critic. You have put forth the effort to come, which shows you are ready for change. I know it’s hard not to worry about what others think. I know for myself that it’s even harder to not let negative self-image get to you. You are here. You want to be here. Then be here. You can do it! Do all that you can. Give all you’ve got and then give more. You owe it to yourself. Don’t worry if you see excess wobbly bits or if the person next to you is Miss Utah. What others see is someone willing and wanting to change. Someone who IS changing. DON’T GIVE UP!!!! If you think about stopping, even if it’s with your first step through our door, then PUSH YOURSELF HARDER. We are all here with you because we want to change too. We are all just at different places of our personal change. LOVE YOURSELF. LOVE YOUR BODY. LOVE YOUR LIFE.


I want to thank Megan Cross for letting me interview her. If you would like to learn more about Cardio Barre and Megan and Shantel’s road to bring a studio to Utah, you can check out their Facebook Page and also their website.

Photo Credit: Cardio Barre Quarry Bend

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