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I’m Eighteen And I Don’t Know What I Want ~


“I’m Eighteen”

Lines form on my face and hands
Lines form from the ups and downs
I’m in the middle without any plans
I’m a boy and I’m a man

I’m eighteen and I don’t know what I want
Eighteen I just don’t know what I want
Eighteen I gotta get away
I gotta get out of this place
I’ll go runnin’ in outer space oh yeah

I got a baby’s brain and an old man’s heart took eighteen years to get this far
Don’t always know what I’m talkin’ about feels like I’m livin’ in the middle of doubt

‘Cause I’m eighteen I get confused every day eighteen I just don’t know what to say
Eighteen I gotta get away

Whoa lines form on my face and my hands
Lines form on the left and right
I’m in the middle the middle of life
I’m a boy and I’m a man

I’m eighteen and I like it
Yes I like it
Oh I like it love it like it love it
Eighteen eighteen eighteen eighteen and I like it

Alice Cooper

OK, so I am a rocker at heart. And while it may seem that quoting  Alice Cooper may be a bit retro at this point, it was truly fitting in this instance. This is a continuation of a blog I wrote on Our Job As  Parents – I mentioned that telling kids that they are an adult at 18 was a whole blog topic for me. Well here is the blog – and while this may seem contradictory to the content in that previous blog, bear with me a moment.

I don’t think the kids today are ready to be adults at 18. Many decades ago, when you became 18 the world wasn’t what it is today. You got married and moved a mile or two down the road from Ma and Pa. Nowadays, it is a scary place and the 18 year olds of today don’t seem to be emotionally equipped to navigate the ins and outs of a world with no rules, easy credit, designer drugs, and a society that has lost most of its moral value system.

I was taking a class on coaching teen girls, and they mentioned that adolescence today started 5 years earlier and extended 5 years later. Doing the math that takes adolescence from 13-18 all the way to 8-23. Kinda strange to think about right? Well the kids today are subjected to a lot of things a lot earlier than they used to be. That doesn’t make them more emotionally equipped to handle it. Actually, it may stunt them a little (you know the whole psychology of trauma thing). I also think that our fluffy parenting practices of giving them whatever they want without them working for it leaves them thinking that the world is their oyster and someone will just give it to them pearls and all.

This may seem a bit contradictory to what I said in the last blog, but I stand by the premise that our job as parents is to teach kids to think for themselves. I just don’t think that flipping a switch at 18 is congruent with where our society is today as a whole. Do I think they should live with us their whole lives? – absolutely not. I look forward to that whole empty nest thing. But I also think that the whole 18th birthday and they are on their own doesn’t necessarily give most kids time to prepare for the life ahead either.

This goes back to the times have changed but the rules haven’t. Our cultures have dictated so many things that haven’t kept up with the times – and that too is another blog in itself!

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