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Canning Lid Fall Centerpice

With Fall approaching, I was thinking about some things I made last year that I didn’t write about. With moving, it gave me a chance to go through boxes and I found a fun, easy project that I made that makes a great centerpiece.  It’s a canning lid pumpkin.

Canning lid PumpkinThis is a simple project. You will need…. 1 foot of Twine, rope or yarn. 2-3 cinnamon sticks, OR if you don’t have those and don’t want the smell, you can use 2 skinny wooden sticks.  1 small square of burlap (4 inch by 4 inch) and 12 gold canning lids.

1st: If you’re using wooden sticks, break them in half and paint/spray paint brown. Let them dry. I hot glued mine together so they wouldn’t fall out of the pumpkin .Canning lid pumpkin

2nd: Using your twine, rope or yarn, put the canning lids through and make a circle. I wrapped it around a few times so that it wouldn’t move. Canning lid pumpkin

3rd: Wrap your cinnamon sticks or wooden sticks in burlap. Hot glue the end.  You can hot glue the sticks in the pumpkin if you’d like. I didn’t.Canning lid pumpkin

and last…. put on your table for a fun fall festive centerpiece.

Canning lid Pumpkin

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