The Leonardo is a new kind of museum in Downtown Salt Lake City. The Leo fuses science, technology, and art into experiences that inspire creativity and innovation in people of all ages and backgrounds.

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The Leonardo Fall Workshops: Salt Lake City Attractions

The Leonardo is one of the great Salt Lake City Attractions. You shouldn’t just fall into our workshops this Autumn. You should register, then run, push inanimate objects out the way and lift small children out of your path (unless they are going with you) to get the best seat. First off; you can register and read class descriptions at And we have a special array of brilliance going on. Wow, you might even have to tell your mom you’re falling in love with Leonardo.

Salt Lake City Attractions

We talked a bit in our last blog about The Tinkering Garage which will be starting Fall Workshops on Tuesday, Sept. 3, at 10 a.m. with a new concept for the Leo., Tuesday Tots. In “What’s Up Cycle?” visitors with their tots will learn how to safely rescue useful parts from broken computers, appliances, radios, tape players, VCRs, etc. The very next day, Automata, Machinery and Art in Motion, will start rolling Wednesday, Sept. 4, at 1 p.m. The automaton is a pretty fab machine- an assembly of wheels, levers and other simple machines. In this class, for 65 years and older, you can design and build your own from basic materials, duct tape and hot glue. This class is $60/$50 for members.

On Thursday evening’s beginning at 7 p.m., adults can come alone or with a date, significant other or friends and enjoy Robotics for Tinkerers. You can build a simple BEAM (Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics, and Mechanics) Robot using motors and simple electronic circuits that mimic the function of neurons. This class is $70/ $65 for members.

Robotics for Tinkerers (ten plus and teens) will be on Saturdays, beginning Sept. 7 at 10 a.m. The History of Invention will round out the week, beginning Sunday, Sept. 8, at 3 p.m. This class will explore the surprising history of invention with our resident historian Samantha. The price is price is $60/ $50 Members.

In the Lab @TheLeo, you might actually be totally spoiled for choice on which class to take. Take them all! Quit your job, it’ll be worth it. The Lab workshop schedule begins with Drawing for Boomers, starting on Tuesday, Oct. 1, at noon, which is $70/$60 for Leo members. Workshops continue with clay for all ages, printmaking, collage, drawing, street art, knitting science and Art Explorers, which involves five different sessions: music sampling, Comic Visual Art, Clay for Puppets, Wood Whittlin’ and Carving, and Animation, the price is $70/$60 for members.


We talked to the head of each department about all the things we should be looking forward to. Jann Haworth, who runs the Lab@Leo says she is particularly excited about Art Explorers. “Art Explorers is a sampler set that runs through several art topics to see what grabs their interest without committing to a full five week class.” She said if she could only do one class it would be Art Explorers, “because we all teach into it and variety is the spice of life. The ‘take home experience’ is several folds. That they make something and experience the dynamic of creative art thinking. That they gain confidence in an area most people are scared of. That new skills are discovered. That they experience something of the ferment of an art college, how ideas bounce, reactions positive and negative define your personal perspective…and how you are challenged by the work of others. The discovery of new paths to new experiences.

“The Lab is a creative, supportive ‘kitchen’, where no original thought is considered ‘silly’. All ages welcomed. The only rule: Focus….oh and Unplug.”

Salt Lake City Attractions

As you head into Render, you might seriously think you’ve got to Sesame Street without even asking where it is. Starting on Friday, November 1, at 4 p.m. you can take a Puppet Design and Fabrication class, make an actual puppet and have it star in a short film. Other classes include Character Design in Sculpting, Adobe Photoshop: Digital Painting for Beginners, Adobe Illustrator: Taking Your Drawing to the Finish. There’s even a Saturday class on the fundamentals of lighting.


Head of Render, Micah Larsen, says it is changing and growing. “In the very near future we’re going to be seeing a lot of changes!” he said. The number of our stop-motion stations will be increased and we’ll have some added options for our 3D sets! We’re working on a huge ‘Process of Animation’ wall that will walk guests through the artistry involved in the production pipeline of creating an animated film. It is complete with artifacts representing most of the steps in this process, including sculptures and videos. We’ll also shortly be implementing several new interactive displays discussing light and form. Our green screen is going to undergo some changes to allow putting on short scenes with our puppets fabricated by our in-house puppet expert. Motion Capture will also soon undergo an update allowing for recording which is very exciting and may open up some new possibilities for our guests.”


I asked what he is particularly excited about for the fall workshops? “Being that I’m teaching a couple of these courses my opinion on the matter might be slightly bias… But honestly there isn’t a class I wouldn’t want to be involved in! For any aspiring artist these courses offer an expanded palette of skill sets to add to your arsenal.”
If you could only attend one, which would it be? “Again, I’m biased but I’m really excited about the sculpting class in large part because of the finished products guests will be able to leave with but I know that the instructors for each of the courses are equally enthusiastic about their subjects.”

He said the classes are mostly tailored for the 12+ set. “Because our classes do require basic computer or fabrication skills but if a parent and child feel they are capable we would welcome the participation. Artistic mastery is a never ending pursuit but we hope to be able to throw fuel on the flames of interest in these respective subjects and really emphasize the importance of process in creation. Process is something that should be ever evolving but there needs to be a framework in place in order for us to get from point A to B.”

Salt Lake City Attractions

The classes don’t stop there though! There will be workshops in Salt Bistro starting Thursday, November 14 at 6 p.m. with Nutrition and Healthy Eating, then later that week Intro to Culinary Techniques and… wait for it, Chocolate and Confections. I think my blood pressure just went up. Chef Zanetta Jones said she feels things are moving in a fantastic direction in the bistro.

“Most recently,” she said “we attended Taste of The Wasatch representing Salt at The Leonardo. This is the largest food and wine event of the year and it is very exciting that we were able to represent ourselves in such a positive light. Soon we will participate in Dine-O-Round which will be a huge marketing push for us. We will be featuring a $5 lunch option of the Ultimate Grilled Cheese with a fresh Kale Salad.”

She also said Salt has a lot coming up: “As far as up and coming stuff I am going to be starting a wine pairing workshop on the first Thursday of each month. Myself and Jim Santangelo, a sommelier, will be partnering together on pairing food and wine for these classes. In mid-November I will also be launching three five-week workshops. Nutrition will be exploring how to cook and eat healthy meals on a budget for a family. Skills will explain basic cooking techniques from sauces and stocks, to knife skills, to the difference between sautéing and braising. Chocolates and Confections will cover tempering techniques, stages of sugar, controlled crystallization, and candy making. The curriculum is going to be geared toward adults, possibly teens, as we will be working with heat and sharp things. I am hoping guests will take away the ability to cook something they otherwise would not have had the skills to accomplish.

Salt is unique in that we not only want to fill your stomach, but we also want you to leave with a full plate of food knowledge.”

Remember we do need you to sign up in advance to do any or all of these workshops. 

The Leonardo is at 209 E. 500 South, Salt Lake City, or you can visit or call 801.531.9800 to sign up.

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