The Leonardo is a new kind of museum in Downtown Salt Lake City. The Leo fuses science, technology, and art into experiences that inspire creativity and innovation in people of all ages and backgrounds.

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Tuesday Tots at The Leonardo

Are you wondering what things to do in Salt Lake City with kids? Look no further. Tuesday Tots is here! Tuesdays from September through December, tots can take a free class in which they will rotate through our different workshops such as The Lab, Render and Tinkering. They will have the opportunity to participate weekly in activities tailored specifically for them. The starting time is at 10 a.m.

In Render (our area located on the second floor which covers Animation, film-making, photography, and digital art) kids will have the chance to see the recently made puppet fabrication and an accompanying set built in maya for the green screen this week.

In our Tinkering area located on the second floor, moms, dads and tots will be using the art of gentle destruction to rescue useful parts from broken computers, appliances, radios, tape players, VCRs, etc. Visitors can then design and build their own masterpiece of kinetic (moving) art.

In The Lab@Leo, clay will be rotated with collage/re-cycle on a two week basis.

Things to do in salt lake city with kids

Things to do in salt lake city with kids

To celebrate the beginning of classes we asked our Leonardo facilitators what was the greatest thing they heard a little one say during or after a trip to the Leo. These were some of the responses!

Jann Haworth, curator, The Art Lab: Milo [Age 6]: (taking a huge lump of clay out of the bag) “I am going to make one of the soldiers from the Chinese Terracotta Warriors, life-size.”

Melissa Cecala, Events and Group Sales Manager: “Mommy, that snowflake is ALIVE!!”

Jody Plant, Lab facilitator:  “Cardboard is my favorite food.”

Jennifer Pennington, development officer: “It looks like spiders from outer space,” (about Hylozoic Veil).

Jana Davis, former Lab facilitator: A little boy, we asked what he is making as he is rolling out a huge piece of paper: “A sperm whale.” OK so we give him materials and scissors- and his mom helps- we go about our business- 30 min or so later-more paper is unfurled and we check in and say “What are you making now…?” he replies,  “A giant squid for the whale to eat.”

Little Boy [Age 3] stacking up the wood and cardboard in an interesting set of shapes- we say, “That looks really interesting.” “Yes,” he says, “It’s a sculpture.”

Jann Haworth: Milo: (looking up at the clock on the county building) “Did you know that the higher time is the slower it goes?” Ahh, I said: “I think you are talking about a clock going very fast….and time slows down….” “Yes,” he said “E= MC squared.”

The Leonardo is at 209 E. 500 South, Salt Lake City, or you can visit call 801.531.9800

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