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It Pays to Start Saving Early

Retirement is a long way off for a lot of people, but you’re never too ‘young’ to start thinking about retirement. You might be tempted to wait before giving it some serious thought, but don’t wait. Consider this…

-For every year you put off saving for your retirement, you could be losing money.

-If you plan on changing employment or leaving your job in the future, any funds you have saved up now…. keep it saved.

-If you’re working and you haven’t signed up for your employer’s 401K plan, it’s a good time to start. Payroll deductions make savings an automatic thing.Your account will grow and grow each year and after a while you won’t miss the income.

– Consider contributing a portion of your next salary to a retirement plan.

-Building a nest egg doesn’t mean committing a large percentage of your pay check. Even if you put in $10 a week, it can add up to a pretty good benefit when it’s saved over time.


When you can, it is a good idea to sit with a financial adviser/planner to get options that will fit your family. Your financial institution should have people that you can talk to, be sure to ask next time your in the branch. Remember, ANY savings is GOOD savings.


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