University of Utah Volleyball – Hit it!

Volleyball brings back fond memories from 20 years or so ago. Memories watching my aunt coach the Bingham High School volleyball team. I love the game of volleyball for it’s ease to follow and non-stop action.

We were fortunate enough to attend a game at the Huntsman Center, new home to the University of Utah Women’s Volleyball!

Utah Valleyball

Woo hoo, you bet that made it even better to get to be in that AWESOME building!!  The kiddos were SUPER stoked and got right to work taking in all it had to offer.  We took advantage of the pre-game family activities…balloon making, tattoos, and poster making.

Clown Balloon Clown

Kids Volleyball picture University of Utah volleyball drawing

We quickly settled into our seats for non-stop action!  I know this may sound funny, but there was an Olympic type energy in the arena that night and I LOVED it! The games were fast paced, even my 5 year old was enthralled asking questions through each match “Mom, Why does that player wear a white shirt?” He loved checking the score and updating me.  “Mom, it’s 15 to 14 now, we are winning!”

Utah volleyball

They even made the time outs super AWESOME and engaging! This was our favorites as well as the t-shirt and ball toss.

Utah volleyball

 The highlight was getting a picture with SWOOP, I think my husband was more EXCITED about this than the kids. 

University of Utah Swoop mascot

What’s even better is the price to go to these games.  Tickets for 13 and older are $6 for general admission, while children 12 and under are free and get to do the pre-game family activities! With each match you have free parking and a free volleyball poster with schedule on it.  In addition, the promotions page has great deals and themes for the games.  We had a TON of FUN and think you will also!

The Peterson Family did receive tickets to the University of Utah Women’s Volleyball  matches.  We really had a great time and think you should attend with your family!

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