The Melty Way in Utah

Have you ever felt like you just need a night or afternoon away from it all? Not even necessarily alone, maybe a girls’ night out or a date, but just something to get away? Occasionally I just want to relax, with comfort food, with great company and not think. I know I’m an adult now, but sometimes you just need a grilled cheese. Am I right? Recently I felt like this so we looked for a quick restaurant for comfort food and stumbled upon The Melty Way. 

melty way

That’s right, a restaurant 100% devoted to the American classic, a grilled cheese sandwich. And don’t worry, they’ve bumped things up a couple notches. The Melty Way offers all sorts of grilled cheese sandwiches like, The Italian, Jalapeno Popper, and of course a basic grilled cheese. Or you could always build your own. There are so many options and in the true grilled cheese way there are soups to accompany the sandwich, tomato is of course there.

melty way

Four of us decided to try different sandwiches so we could really get the experience and while ordering we were informed that there’s the famous Brigham Root Beer too! Heck yes we had to try that too. I mean, it was a night all about relaxing like a kid again (we totally started the night off with bowling. I can’t help how cool we are or how totally fun the night was to act young again.)

the melty way sandwiches.jpg

So we ordered The Italian- my personal favorite of the evening as it was loaded with pesto (swoon) mozzarella, tomatoes, and salt and pepper. Emily got the bacon and tomato, Matt the jalapeno popper and Cade the Turkey Bacon. We loved them all, although I still don’t know that I personally could do the jalapeno as I’m a spicy wimp. And then it happened, we were told that we could add a parmesan crust to any sandwich. Parmesan cheese melted on the outside of our sandwiches? YES!!! They were big, fluffy, cheesy pieces of heaven.

So in case you’re looking for a new place to enjoy a little taste of homemade delciousness head over to check out all of their cheesy locations.

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