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Utah Cloth Diaper Service – Buddha Babies

As much as I love cloth diapers, you’d think I would blog more about them. I think it may be because my son is now potty trained, and I don’t think about diapers as much.

Well, today I did want to talk about something related to cloth diapers- A cloth diaper service! Yes, these services are coming back due to the growing popularity of what I consider to be the best way to diaper my children. A couple of weeks ago, I met Amanda in my shop and found out that she owns Utah’s very own cloth diaper service!- Buddha Babies (Go Utah!)


There are SOOOO many great reasons to use cloth but I will save them for another post. Instead, I want to talk about two of the main reasons parents kick the CD (Cloth Diapering) idea to the curb before they even start.

FIRST: It’s too time consuming, I don’t have enough time.

SECOND: I don’t want to wash them, the poop grosses me out.

While there are many solutions to the two excuses above, this is where a Cloth Diapering Service can be your new BFF.  A diaper service like Buddha Babies, will pick them up, wash and sanitize them, and drop them back to your door. Say goodbye to the above mentioned excuses, right out the window. Check out the Buddha Babies website because they really do have a lot to offer. They’re knowledgeable, local mommy owned, and  they provide an amazing and much needed service…sounds pretty freakin-tastic to me 😀



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