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Ten Spooky and Scary Halloween Crafts for Kids

When I was a ratty little kid, a favorite aspect of Halloween for me was trying my hand at spooky and scary Halloween crafts, either at a Halloween party at school or sometimes at home, all on my own, with a pile of faded orange construction paper and a dull pair of scissors nearby.

Ten Spooky and Scary Halloween Crafts for Kids

Sadly, my crafts did NOT turn out nearly as cute as the ten spooky and scary Halloween crafts featured here. Do your own kids a favor and get them crackin’ on these adorable art projects, helping them to create fond memories of awesome spooky and scary Halloween fun! They’ll thank you later for making the effort, believe you me!


Paper Cups Spiders and Bats




Spider Pops



Pumpkin mummies

Pumpkin Mummies

Monster craft

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Monsters



Modern ParentsMessyKids

DIY Spider Sacks




Gauze Mummy




Halloween Play Dough


Spooky Spiders




Halloween Paper Plates Craft


Halloween Egg Carton Treat Boxes


So cute, right? The great thing about these crafts (besides their doggone adorableness) is the ease and low cost, totally making these projects so doable! Happy crafting and happy Halloween!

Need some delicious treats to wrap up your crafting session? Try these great ideas:

Seven Candy Corn Themed Desserts for Halloween Parties

Yummy and Easy Halloween Treats 

Five Halloween Class Treats


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  1. Ness @ One Perfect Day 10/18/2013 at 5:07 am

    This is a fantastic round up. Thank you so much for including our Halloween play dough. Pinning!

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