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Ten Foods to Help Fight Fat

It’s pretty old news that if you want to lose weight, you need to consider exercise and proper nutrition as a part of your everyday life.  We all know this, true?  It’s also pretty common knowledge that you really cannot rid certain areas of your body of fat, no matter what you do, right?  I mean, your body will gain fat and lose fat in its own way…and unfortunately, we don’t have a whole lot of control over that.  But, did you know that there are certain foods that you can incorporate into your diet that might be helpful to fight fat?  According to livestrong.com, there are 10 of them, that not only help fight belly bulge, but also have other health benefits to you.

1.  Oatmeal:  Oatmeal contains soluable fiber which is important to help flush bad digestive acids out of your system, which, in turn, helps you feel fuller, longer.  This will help stave off hunger and keep you from snacking on foods with unwanted calories.  Plus, according to the box, it will also help you lower your cholesterol, which is also a great benefit.  Just make sure you’re buying the unsweetened, unflavored version to keep out added sugars and calories.

2.  Citrus Fruits:  Lemons, oranges, grapefruit and tangerines are all rich in vitamin C.  This important vitamin helps the body speed up the fat burning process by diluting the fat and stimulating the “carnitine” amino acid.  Plus they are oh so yummy!

photo credited to triviaqueen and Flickr

photo credited to triviaqueen and Flickr

3.  Eggs:  Eggs are high in protein, which, like oatmeal’s fiber, helps to make you feel fuller longer to help with your snacking.  They also contain vitamin B12, which helps to break down fat cells.  Also, to help reduce your cholesterol, consider eating egg whites only.

4.  Nuts:  Almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids and fiber.  The fiber helps to keep us full and lower your cholesterol, while the omega-3’s help lower blood pressure.   Not only that, but omega-3 fatty acids are highly lacking in the food we eat in the United States and is such an essential nutrient to help with a myriad of health issues.

5.  Low-fat Dairy Products:  According to a research study conducted by the University of Tennessee in Knoxville in 2004 found that a diet with low-fat dairy combined with calorie restriction nearly doubled the rate of weight and fat loss.  So, it is believed that dairy and the calcium found in it helps burn belly fat while strengthening your bones.

6.  Apples:  Apples contain important antioxidants and something called “pectin.”  Pectin restricts the body’s ability to absorb fat in the cells, while antioxidants help keep off excess body fat.

7.  Asparagus:  Asparagus contains vitamins A and C, which both help to speed up the fat burning process.  It also has a natural fluid-flushing effect that promotes the breakdown of fat cells.

8.  Bananas:  The average banana contains about 450 mg of potassium, which is about 25% of your recommended daily amount.  Potassium boosts your metabolism and helps your body regulate water.

9.  Garlic:  Garlic isn’t just a natural antibiotic and blood sugar regulator.  Garlic is also a natural thermogenic (meaning it naturally boosts metabolism).  By regulating the blood sugar and insulin, your body will maximize fat burning for energy.

10.  Berries:  Blueberries, raspberries and strawberries, like apples, all contain pectin that prevents your body from absorbing fat into the cells.  Berries have also been known to help reduce the risk for certain cancers.

So, if, like me,  you are looking to reduce your belly bulge, or keep it from coming back, these 10 foods can certainly help in that fight.  Plus, they will all help in other areas of your health and taste great in the process!  Try adding one of two of these foods into your diet each day for the ultimate effect.

Happy Fitness!!

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  1. debraferrie 10/22/2013 at 6:53 am

    I agree! Plus avocado is great to keep you full with healthy fats!