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Holiday Shopping: It’s Time to Get Ready for Christmas

Who has their Christmas shopping done already?

I would LOVE to say me, but I haven’t thought about it till today. With moving and trying to find a bit of normalcy around the boxes and planning my son’s class Halloween party, I thought about it tonight…I better start thinking about Christmas.

I’m the type of person who likes each Holiday to be a separate Holiday. I love to celebrate and I LOVE to have parties. My husband and I talked and we really wanted to stick to a budget this year, so it’s the middle of October and the budget needs to start.


Here’s the plan….

1. How much did you spend on Christmas last year? “WAY too much” is always my answer.

2. Did you buy gifts that you didn’t give out to family and friends because you stored them away and forgot about them? YES. My mother is especially bad at this. She buys my birthday gifts in January (my birthday is in December).

3. Are you sending out Christmas cards, doing neighbor gifts? Yes and yes. Keeping it sweet and simple this year. Make the list and check it three or four times. If you don’t want to bake this year for gifts, go to the dollar store and buy the small bottles of JOY dish soap and use the saying “You are a JOY to have as a neighbor.” Cheesy yes, but its something useful. You don’t have to mail a Christmas card out to EVERY single person you know — maybe next year.

4. Who has a list of who to buy for and what are they want for Christmas? Have them write out 3-5 items that they would want or need so you have the options for your budget.

5. Get out the Toys R Us catalog and have the kids look through it and circle what they would like. I rip out any pages that are WAY over the top and I would never buy them so they don’t know about them (insert evil mom laugh here).

6. NO TAKING A LOAN OUT TO PAY FOR CHRISTMAS. This has ALWAYS been a rule for us.

7. Use up any rewards points we have earned this year. Pampers gifts to grow points, Huggies points, Disney rewards points. Use these up for stocking stuffers for the kids. It does take 4-8 weeks to get the item in the mail, so log in any points you have, pick out the item and use those rewards up.

8. Sometimes the simplest of gifts mean the most. Don’t stress about things. Relax. A few fun gifts makes all the smiles worth it.



Here are some Free Printables to help us all stay organized for Christmas.

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Christmas Gift List (This is my absolute FAVORITE)

Christmas card list

Holiday Budget

Planning pages for Christmas

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