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Utah National Guard Charitable Trust

I have been a Military wife for 11 years and am very proud of my husband’s service to our country. I believe in thanking a Soldier when you see them, because you never know what that simple “Thank You” would mean to them.

Here is an example:

During a drill weekend, my husband and two other Soldiers were at lunch near their base. As they were eating, a young kid about 7-8 years old came up to them and asked to shake their hand. The three Soldiers each stood up and shook this kid’s hand. The kid told then told them, “Thank you.” When the mother noticed what the kid was doing, she came over and apologized to them. My husband told her no need to apologize, it’s nice to be told thank you. When my husband told me this, my heart warmed and my eyes teared up, because here was this young boy approaching these men in uniforms, which can me a little scary for some kids, and told them thank you. Cheers to this young boy.

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Right now, here in Utah we have more than 150 Soldiers overseas and some of them need help. In most cases the Guardsmen is taken out of their civilian job, which means they might be paid less while they serve. When this happens, money becomes tight and some families are not able to provide food, clothes and toys for their families during the Holiday Seasons.

If you would like to help donate to our Utah National Guard Families, you can drop the items off at the base in Draper or mail them.

UTNG Service member and Family Support Office
12953 South Minuteman Drive
Draper, UT 84020




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