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What to do with left over pumpkins

Do you still have pumpkins outside left over from Thanksgiving? I do because I live in Utah and it’s cold enough to freeze my pumpkins! Don’t throw them away just because they’re covered in snow.

I decided to do something fun with my pumpkins for Christmas. They were still good and solid so I decorated them for the season.


It was cold so they froze solid and the bottoms weren’t mushy.


How fun is this. The kids got to paint and we had a fun time. No template used for the words.

Red and Grey toll paint $2.00

Foam paint brushes $3.00

Time spent having fun with kids $ priceless

I got my bigger pumpkins at the fun little pumpkin patch on 9000 So and 2700 W in West Jordan.

The very very small, but still cute pumpkins were from our garden.

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