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Ice Castles in Midway

Midway Ice Castles 2014
Open now through approximately March 1, 2014 (closed Sundays)
Hours and ticket prices can be found on the Ice Castles website
(Keep an eye on their website and Facebook page for closing details)

The Ice Castles in Midway are definitely something you need to take your family to see this Winter! If your children enjoyed the movie “Frozen,” they will especially love walking through this Winter Wonderland, singing “Let It Go”! (My son even wore his Olaf shirt to see the Ice Castles!) View a short video to hear what kids are saying about the ice castles.

MidwayiceCastlesLocated in Midway next to the Midway Ice Rink, the Ice Castles are hard to miss. The ice castles are built using one icicle at a time. They start by growing more than 5,000 icicles each day that are harvested and sculpted together. The icicles are then drenched in freezing water. This process is repeated once or twice a day.

The ice castles began in the backyard of Brent Christensen, the creator of the Ice Castles. When he moved his family to Utah from California, he wanted to do something fun and exciting for his kids in the new frozen tundra they now called home. You can read the entire story on the Ice Castles website.

I have been asked by many readers “Is it really worth seeing?” and “Is this something my younger kids would like?” Yes and yes! It is definitely worth seeing, and is something every person should see at least once in their life. Kids of all ages are amazed and fascinated at the time and effort that goes into making these amazing structures.

The ice castles aren’t just something you walk past, look at, and then leave. They are constructed so that you walk through their many tunnels and pathways to experience the beauty they have to offer.


Tips When Visiting the Midway Ice Castles:

  • Plan on spending the day. Your wristband gets you all-day access, so go during daylight hours, then leave to get dinner, and head back to the ice castles when it’s dark. There are lights embedded in the ice castles which make them a completely different and magical experience at night!
  • MidwayIceCastle34Purchase your tickets ahead of time online. This will cut back on the time spent waiting in line, and more time inside the castles! Don’t be turned away if the line looks long; it moves fast, and the longest we waited was about five minutes.
  • Wear shoes with traction on them. The maintenance crew works hard to keep the pathways from becoming too slippery, but you must be prepared for some slippery places. Keep in mind that it’s winter, and you are walking through ice castles.
  • Visit often! Because the ice is constantly melting and being added upon, the castles you see at your first visit will be completely different than weeks later. Season passes are available, and make a great gift.
  • Dress warm. The ice castles are outside, and you will want to spend as much time as you can wandering around the many tunnels and pathways.
  • Be patient with others. Because the ice castles are so amazing, many people stop and take pictures of the ice, their families, and everything there is to see inside the ice castles. Be patient and courteous to those wanting to take pictures, and don’t be in such a hurry!
  • Bring the entire family! This is something that families of all ages will love and appreciate. Admission even makes a great gift for birthdays or a late Christmas present!
  • Take plenty of photos, and post them on social media for your chance to win prizes! (View sign at entrance of Ice Castles for complete details.)

Connect with the Ice Castles:

View more pictures of the Midway Ice Castles


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  1. The Leonardo 01/06/2014 at 12:56 pm

    Great post! Wow that looks like it would be worth the trip out there. We love seeing all the great opportunities our area has to offer. Keep up the great work, hope to see you at The Leo soon!

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