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What In The World Is Tapping (EFT)?

It seems that lately Tapping is all the craze – you hear about it everywhere. Well, what in the world is Tapping? Before it was know as Tapping, it was called EFT or the Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT draws on various forms of alternative medicince including accupunture (or accupressure), neuro-linguistic programming, energy medicing and thought field therapy (guess I have a few more blogs to write, don’t I?). EFT is best known through Gary Craig’s EFT Handbook, published in the late 1990s, and related books and workshops by a variety of teachers but lately it has made a comeback and been simply called Tapping. Just type in the word Tapping on Amazon and a variety of books on the subject will pop up.

During a typical EFT session, the person will focus on a specific issue while tapping on end points of the body’s energy meridians and saying positive affirmations. EFT is an emotional version of accupuncture based on the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture to treat physical and emotional ailments for over five thousand years, but without the use of needles. Instead, they use a simple two pronged process wherein you (1) mentally “tune in” to specific issues while (2) stimulating certain meridian points on the body by tapping on them with your fingertips.

Proponents of EFT state that this combination of tapping the energy meridians and voicing positive affirmation works to clear the “short-circuit” – the emotional block — from your body’s bioenergy system, thus restoring your balance to you meridian system. The basic method is very portable and can be learned by almost anyone. No special education is required. Even children have produced beginner’s benefits with it.

There is not one all encompassing governing body for EFT. Since it’s inception, many people have added their various twists to it and come up with many different variations on the original technique. I have included a few resources below so you can check it out for yourself.

The original EFT Guy – Gary Craigs current website on EFT – www.EmoFree.com

Dr. Joseph Mercola has a great website that outlines the procedure with some good visuals and some variations on the original EFT technique – EFT.Mercola.com

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