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Self Love Challenge: Connect With Yourself

self loveFebruary is the month of love – but this year I want to change it up a bit. The very first blog that I wrote for Today’s Mama was – What do you love about yourself?  and it always gets a lot of views. This tells me that the topic of self love is on women’s minds so I thought I would revisit the topic and designate the month of February as self love month. Valentine’s Day is over, and now it’s time to love YOU! If even thinking about self love makes you a bit uncomfortable (good) then think of it this way – you can only love someone to the extent that you love yourself. Yeah really – you can only love your hubby, kids, parents etc. to the extent that you love yourself. Good, Now I have your attention.

We all yearn for different expressions of love at different times of our lives – the concept of this is expressed in the Five Love Languages.

Expanding on this – at times we may need compassion and gentleness – other times passion and adventure. We often look to others to give us the love we need, but learning to give it to ourselves is the highest act of self love there is. By giving ourselves the love we need, we no longer need to look outside ourselves for others to complete us (Sorry Jerry McGuire).

My challenge for you this week is to take some time each morning (or evening) to connect with yourself. If you don’t have 5 minutes then make it 3 (everyone has 3 minutes). Close your eyes and take a few breaths into the area around your heart. As you breathe in, notice any feelings or emotions that are present. Ask yourself “What is the love I need right now?” – Is it Acknowledgement, Time, Rest, Appreciation, Gentleness? Take a minute to shower yourself in that type of love and then head over to the mirror.

One of my greatest mentors taught me this mirror work – it can be uncomfortable but it is very powerful. The language used makes it more believable than just standing there saying I love you to yourself. Once you get comfortable with this, step it up a notch and add to it (a wink and a shimmy always steps up mine!)

Stand in front of the mirror and look into your own eyes – REALLY look into your eyes and repeat this mantra – tears are a good thing….

I am learning to love this woman in the mirror

I am learning to be proud of her

And I am learning to believe that she is truly amazing






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